Io - Augmented Reality 

Io360 - The Company

Io360 is a start up company based in SW Scotland.

The company was formed to create and produce a commercially available volumetric display from the prototype and to allow others to explore the ideas and opportunities that it offers.

Io is the result of a creative process, a collaboration between Chris Helson, Sarah Jackets and Luke Barlow. We didn’t start out to create a product, we were interested in the ideas; ideas around new ways to create architectural networks, for example where disempowered groups are able to use the architecture of networks to create a voice.

We carried out remote conversations between the Venice Architecture Biennale and a small bothy in Scotland.  We have explored how smart technology can plug into our system to add interactivity and haptic feedback.  We played with optical engineering until we discovered a new way to control the light and we have developed every element of the prototype to offer a viable and extraordinary product.

The commercialisation of these experiments into a product is about opening up it’s possibilities to others to explore and to fund its continuing development.

Io360 has at its core a philosophy of exploration, learning and passing on skills. We are passionate about creating skilled jobs in Scotland, combining creativity, design, technology and engineering.

Chris Helson CEO

Photo: Chris Helson receives Scottish Edge Award from Sir Tom Hunter

Chris is an artist and engineer, and a founding director of Io360. Chris led the design of the Io prototype and directed the SMART:Scotland and Scottish EDGE technical and business development processes.

Chris is also a partner with Helson and Jackets, they design and produce video installations, films and technology, often working remotely exploring expanded space, complex adaptive systems and emergence.

Chris trained and worked in Engineering for 7 years building Industrial Jet Engines and Turbocharges with GEC until 1988. He graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with a degree in 3d design in 1991. He has been self employed since 1994. He has considerable experience producing, managing and delivering projects for a range of clients.

Luke Barlow CTO

Photo: Io displays the interactive dandelion developed by Luke Barlow

Luke Barlow is a developer, he has specialised in web applications, and worked on large scale software projects involving multiple teams in different countries, taking the project through all the stages from conception to continuous upgrades whilst having a large paying user base. He is experienced with the Python and JavaScript ecosystems, including node, web audio, and webgl 3d graphics.