Io - Hologram

360 3d Volumetric Display

Science fiction became reality

The special effects that created the iconic scenes of Princess Leia in Star Wars and Tony Stark in Iron man are now possible.

Io is an award winning 360 holographic video system that creates full 360 3d video objects and models that viewers can walk around, see from all sides.

Photo: Chris Helson demonstrates Io to Andrew Mitchell Uk Trade Commissioner to Europe

Io is available to hire or buy

Choose from different packages that include hardware and software, delivery and installation, online and onsite technical support, bespoke casings and design of bespoke content.

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As seen on the Gadget Show

Photo: Amy Williams - Olympic Gold Medallist sees herself running on Io as part of The Gadget Show

Io is an extraordinary new way to engage your clients, visitors and delegates. A cutting-edge 360 display that creates video objects and 3d models that appear to float in space.
Io doesn’t use headsets or glasses. People can share the experience as they walk around and interact with the objects from any angle.

Io brings things to life