Io - Technology

The Future is Here

Technical details

Io uses real time 3d graphics with easy to use drop and play software.

Smart phone control, no app needed.. just connect via your web browser and you take control of the virtual objects.

Choose from a library of different content, rotate your phone and the 3d object rotates, and it feels as though you are touching it.

Select other controls and drive the subsea rover, play 3d games in actual 3d, connect your friends phones and interact together.

Io offers clients a multi user shared experience with no isolating goggles or headsets.

Developer tools allow you to test your models.

Io is able to display full colour HD video and 3d vector CAD models including wire-fames, point clouds and 3d scans.

You are in control

Io and your smart phone. Rotate your phone and the virtual objects rotates, blow onto your phone and the dandelion seeds fly away.

We include a library of videos and 3D animated models (including the dandelion, jellyfish and voyager).

A developer kit you can access load in and make your own models.

Access to our realtime graphics animator for your bespoke needs.

From the prototype developed by Helson and Jackets Technology Io360 has won SMART: Scotland, Scottish EDGE, New Media Scotland Alt-w and Scottish Universities Physics Alliance Awards.

Making real unreal